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Welcome to Vibes & Minds

Welcome to VIBES & MINDS

VIBES & MINDS ‘Is the missing part of the puzzle’ Supporting & Nurturing Children’s Mental Health & Wellbeing.

VIBES & MINDS provides a confidential service to young people aged between 2 - 25 years old.

We work as a collaboration for your child and collaborating with Parents, Carers, Schools, and Healthcare providers.

It is all about the child at VIBES & MINDS and that’s why we “VIBE4U” in a collective partnership for the child’s whole being, connecting with schools & healthcare providers.

We also know how difficult it can be for neurodiverse children within society and that’s why we are here to help you - we understand what a struggle this can be.

At VIBES & MINDS we believe that every individual is unique and deserves the right support and nurturing to help them become the best person they can be.


Is to support all children in providing them with the awareness, understanding, support and help they require in enhancing their mental health & wellbeing.

Relieve, reset, and refocus any distress they may go through to improve their emotional wellbeing through our 3 main concepts: BRAIN-MIND-BODY.

Providing children with knowledge of the VIBES concepts with techniques that will support every part of their wellbeing and will last them a lifetime!


We work with all children from a young age in providing a prevention service through their educational setting, healthcare provider and here at The VIBES & MINDS Studio.

We will support and nurture their mental health & wellbeing and identifying any problems or concerns as they grow and develop. Providing them with the concepts to be able to face life challenges if they arise.

We provide an intervention service to help all young children to overcome any stress, trauma or anxieties that develop in their lives.

Here at VIBES & MINDS we truly understand how difficult it can be for neurodiverse children to find their way through life and gain the support they require within society. It truly is marked on Debs’ heart, which leaves her with a passion to help deliver an environment that is more supportive and understanding of neurodiverse children - society needs to adapt and provide the settings that they require.

We truly want to see children THRIVE to the best of their abilities, which means we need to make sure everyone within their environment is connected and understands.


To deliver our Mental Health & Wellbeing Service to ALL children and to ALL those who support and care for them.

Providing educational settings, healthcare providers a Mental Health Service that works for ALL.


  • Understanding the individuals, individuality & uniqueness
  • Promoting a positive mental attitude
  • Respect & Trust
  • Helping the child to create the best version of themselves
  • Treat all fairly
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